Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 10, 2018

Contemporary Philosophy

Владимир Александрович Кутырёв
Pages 251-256

Бытие под знаком “транс”

The end of the twentieth century is commonly defined as the postmodern era. Now, it is claimed that this era was replaced by the post-post-modern era. Due to the ambiguity of this concept, the features of the era remain unclear. A more adequate term could be “trans-modern”. Everything becomes “trans”: transnational economy, transdisciplinary science, trans(uni) versal philosophy, transcendentalism, transgression, transhumanism, transnomonism and transvestism. “Post” meant the negation of the former state of the world: God, man, its history, culture, metaphysics, their deconstruction, and death. “Trans” is a passage through them into something new, “other” – the positive construction of the otherness. This is realized on a new substrate, which is no longer commensurate to the person, even materially or physically. It is informative, virtual-digital, either directly in the technologies, or determines decisively people’s way of live. The first ideologues of trans-modernism can be considered the “junior postmodernists”, primarily A. Badiou with his “Manifesto of Philosophy” (1989). Trans-modernism abstains from concerns about the stability of what is being developed. It focuses on the continuous innovation. Everything exists for the sake of as fast as possible change to something else. In theoretical studies, trans-modernism manifests itself in the expansion of transcendental ontology and cognitivism. Being termed as “trans” under crisis is chaotic by definition. The purpose of human activity in a trans-modern situation should be no progressive development, but the maintenance of homeostatic balance of his life world. At the heart of the philosophy of survival lies at the aesthetic worldview of multiontism and co-evolution, phenomenological realism and conservatism, coinciding in content with the perennial philosophy. We have no other option, but to choose the Being termed “humanism”.