Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 9, 2018

Confucian Philosophy

Liangkang Ni
Pages 153-163

A New View of the Problem of the Relationship of Founding between Objectivating Act and Non-objectivating Act

Both Chu Hsi and School of Wang Yang-ming distinguished two kinds of moral consciousness: one is “Emotion latent” as non-objective, un-objective moral consciousness; the other is “Emotion shown” as intentional moral consciousness which intends concrete object. Accordingly, they also point out two kinds of different Kung-fu (practice). As for the questions of “Emotions shown or latent”, both of them have common ontological understand and Kung-fu’ understand. “Emotion latent” (as pro-objectivating act) and “Emotion shown” (as post-objectivating act) are two kinds of “non-objectivating act”, they have different foundational relations with objectivating act. Thus, the relations between objectivating act and non-objectivating act in the background of Phenomenology achieve a completely new interpretation in the horizon of the doctrine of Mind of Confucianism