Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 7, 2018

Christian Philosophy

Татьяна Пырова
Pages 103-106

Что происходит с душой игрока Зума?

The paper focuses on the video game Zuma released in 2003 by PopCap Games. A frog acts as the one and only avatar of the player in this game. Frog operates in several sequentially changing each other milieus: underground water, clinker and finally outer space. I will discuss how the game scenario elaborates ancient ideas about basic elements, which were supposed to be the founding principles of all natural things. Furthermore the frog’s trip reminds representations of a vertical hierarchically arranged world-order. I claim that concerning this point, the analysed game reveals an interesting combination of pagan and Christian theology and stands for the contemporary allegory of the soul salvation. In my paper, I am going to foster the notion of instrumental technology embedded in pocket devices. Instrumentalised religion proves to be yet another instance of the logic of capitalist appropriation of different cultural phenomena.