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Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 7, 2018

Christian Philosophy

Anna Koteneva
Pages 95-101

Христианская философия здоровья личности

The personality’s health is the complex spiritual-psychological phenomenon, which must be studied in the context of the spiritual-moral formation of man, his self-realization, development of capability for adaptation and psychophysical functioning. The investigation of a personality’s health was accomplished from the views of Christian anthropology. The concepts of health, its value for man, are connected to the understanding of sense and purposes of human life – the rescuing of soul and spiritual personality’s transformation. In this tradition, the concept of health indicates, first of all, spiritual health. Holiness is its ideal state. Health - this is chastity - is the highest state of moral perfection. Health can also indicate the absence of spiritual, mental and physical illnesses. These ideas led to the understanding of a personality’s health as a multilevel formation, which includes the unity of man’s psychophysical, psychological and spiritual-moral characteristics. The physical and mental health, necessary for man’s vitality - and on the apex, spiritual- psychological health is located on the basis of this system. The highest spiritual level of the personality’s health exerts the changing influence on the underlying levels connected with the adaptation, self-realization and the personality’s growth. Health is the integrative characteristic of personality, which includes the different spheres of its individual existence.

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