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Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 5, 2018

Business Ethics

Larisa Titova
Pages 123-127

Ethical Meanings and Orientations of Russian Business
Transformations and Challenges

Philosophic reflection on the modern ethical orientations and transformations of the Russian business allows us to distinguish its dominating value meanings, which considerably impact formation and development of the basic values. These transformations and developments may be divided further and seen as leading trends: practical-pragmatic trend related to maximization of the income; manipulative trend which employs techniques to influence consumers to increase sales and socio-ethical trend, which is oriented to recognition of consumer’s personal values in Kantian aspect. The abovementioned trends manifest themselves in marketing business technologies which define the strategy of “market making” of Russian business. When using practical-pragmatic and manipulative trends, the codes of marketing business technologies are transformed into the value markers of the life meaning system of consumers which forces them to continuous and extensive consumption of material values. This is the way the worldview is formed which we define as “worldview of intensive material consumer orientation”. Its peculiarity consists in dehumanization of basic life meanings of a personality and elimination of moral values from cognitive system. Mechanisms to neutralize such transformations can be formed only within the frameworks of socio-ethical trend and which is oriented to recognition of consumer’s personal values.

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