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Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 5, 2018

Business Ethics

Moises Del Pino Pena
Pages 41-45

You or Me - To Sacrifice Oneself to Sacrifice Others: Towards a Philosophical Approach to Neomanagement
New Paradigm of Anti-egotistical Organizational Leadership, Conspiracy Scenarios and Toxic Workplace

A theoretical reflection about organizational philosophy of Neomanagement, which becomes the new paradigm of “anti-organizational leadership”, is characterized as a sacrificial system business, whose protagonist is the Neomanager, perpetrator and executor of mobbing hostile actions. Organizational paradigms reveal the occupational settings where staff is annihilated by established toxic work environments and unethical conduct in the company, with serious consequences for the working class and the company. Overview also reveals the need to raise public policies and launch a series of institutional measures in organizations based on the ethic of solidarity, so that they can fulfill its mission founded on high moral values and prevent and control this new disease emerging at the work place, causing the decay of the world of work.

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