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Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 2, Issue 2, 2018

Ancient Greek Philosophy: Classical Greek Philosophy

Christina Zoga
Pages 375-378

The Aristotelian Active Intellect on the Basis of the Actuality-potentiality Dichotomy

The aim of this paper is to give an account of the nature, the essence and the qualities of the soul, according to Aristotle’s book De anima. Particularly, the active intellect was a concept Aristotle described that requires an understanding of the actuality-potentiality dichotomy. The philosopher is trying to explain how the human intellect passes from its original state, in which it does not think, to a subsequent state, in which it does. However, during his analysis he deals with some really important problematic points which have caused much confusion over the centuries. My aim is to show this actuality-potentiality dichotomy in accordance to Aristotle’s philosophical distinctions, but also to provide a structure of analysis through which the problematic ideas of Aristotle arise on their own.