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Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 2, Issue 2, 2018

Ancient Greek Philosophy: Classical Greek Philosophy

Aleksander Veingold
Pages 345-349

Mos Geometricus in the Modern Context

Among other things, a common algorithm for constructing of any “proving knowledge” was also set up by the ancient Greeks – it is axiomatic method. As a result of axiomatizing analysis, suitable ostensively defined concepts as primary elements of axiomatized philosophy were selected and was formulated the “axiom of existence”: “Reality is interaction of the nature, humanity and the world of models”. Within the context of this axiom philoso-phy is a permanent aspiration to create the most adequate model. All axioms of modeling are a part of the Aristotle’s “first wisdom” which is the «business of the philosopher», and exclusively of the philosopher. Models of incorporative objects might be interactive: therefore, non-interactive will be such a model of humanity, where it is considered as a part of the nature, i.e., using suitable the most adequate non-interactive model of nature. Considering humanity as a fluctuation of the nature brings to the foreground the problem of our survival. To ensure that fluctuations do not lead to unpredictable undesirable con-sequences for self-organized mankind, it’s necessary to introduce up-to-date philosophy into the Compulsory Education. Teaching in schools “elements of philosophy”, realized as “ordo geometrica”, will be a worthy continuation of the “business of the philosopher”, which was started by geniuses of Hellas.

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