Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 1, 2018

Aesthetics and Philosophies of Art

Carlos Alberto García Camacho
Pages 395-400

La utopía del arte. Un acercamiento al cine desde W. Benjamin

In The work of art in the age of mechanical reproduction Benjamin explores how modernity impacts the relationship between changes in social lifestyles and changes in the ways that human perception is organized. In the early twentieth century, both the notion and the way of making art were shaken in its foundations; it went from a time when art was subordinated to the “ritual praxis” - a fact that is reflected in his being (magical or religious) cult value - to a situation in which art is determined by a profane praxis - which is manifested in its exhibition value. The film, as the most complex expres­sion of this trend in the development of art, shows the critical potential of the emergence of art in everyday life. This paper explores the specificity of these “potentialities” as Benjamin’s arguments.