Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 1, 2018

Aesthetics and Philosophies of Art

Tatiana Shatunova
Pages 315-319

Aesthetics as Metaphysics and Passion

The subject of the paper is the metaphysical potential of modern aesthetic theory. Aesthetics in the situation of the ontological turn solves today’s ontological and anthropological problems. It investigates life (Sein), human nature and the person’s essence. It is found that aesthesis is born anew in modern culture as a supersocial phenomenon. Moreover, a person can be a supersocial being, if looking at the world aesthetically. Such a person brings up the feeling of tragic optimism in itself. The human who passed the school of tragic optimism is capable to endure the feeling of “alive life” too, to feel pleasure of life, to be happy because he lives. It is a catharsis from life. The dual – both physical and metaphysical – nature of beauty allows it to fulfill an important cultural task: to introduce the absolutes of Being (Sein) into everyday life. It is possible only when the absolutes accept aesthetic form. If there is any theoretical force which can estimate and save beauty (physical, corporal, visible beauty of the world and of human being) from the imperious relations of temptation, from falling in metaphysical vacuum, that is the power of the aesthetic thought acting as passionate metaphysics of beauty rescue.