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Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 1, 2018

Aesthetics and Philosophies of Art

Vicente Ordonez Roig
Pages 229-233

“Freilich Hängen Musik und Bücher Zusammen”
Brahms’s Music in Ludwig Wittgenstein’s Philosophy

Challenged by the decline of Western culture, Wittgenstein wrote some reflections on music. The aim of this paper is to consider in detail the role that music, more specifically, the music of Brahms, played in Wittgenstein’s thought. To this end, the author studies Wittgenstein’s impressions on classical and modern music. Special attention is given to Wittgenstein’s comparison between the works of Brahms and other composers’ works, such as Bruckner’s or Mahler’s. In addition, the author reflects on the function that classical music could play as a means to express values or ethical principles.

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