Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 1, 2018

Aesthetics and Philosophies of Art

Victor N. Kulbizhekov
Pages 155-160

Audial Conceptual Image

This paper discusses for the first time the problem of the concept of music in aesthetics. All discoveries and inventions in the creative activity necessarily involve the appearance of a new concept, so productive and creative activity involves development and transformation of the conceptual sphere. The concept in music (we call it audial) is the general logical type expressing laws of musical forms. The definition of ‘audial’ that can be regarded as a cultural code is fundamentally new, synthesizing acoustic and conceptual spheres. All concepts as categories are expressed in language forms (in a musical text), but the musical sense is not limited only by speculative categories and concepts that can merge or dissolve in the acoustic space. The recipient perceives such space both sensually and emotionally. Therefore, musical concepts necessarily suggest figurative, sensual-perceptual (aesthesis) segment and imaginative aspects. So, we think that to reveal the particularities of the concept we should introduce the appropriate definition – an audial conceptual image. The category of “audial conceptual image” dialectically expresses the idea of synthesis of sense (aesthetic) and rational (logical) aspects. Audial conceptual image, being a result of a musical experiment, creates a complete picture of the universe and is also a tool in studying the musical shape of the era.