Proceedings of the XXII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 51, 2008

Taoist Philosophy

So Jeong Park
Pages 11-16

“Transformation” and “Consummation”
A Comparative Study on ‘Growth of Experience’ and ‘Truth’ in Zhuangzi and Dewey

This paper aims to reconsider the relationship of “growth of experience” and “truth” through the comparison of “transformation” in Zhuangzi with “consummation” in Dewey. Although many comparative studies have been made so far to reveal the meaning of Asian thought, they tend to analyze and evaluate the given texts merely on the basis of western philosophical terminology. In contrast, the present paper attempts to take the other way, which is focusing on the original context of “transformation” as it appeared in Zhuangzi first, and then exploring its contemporary significance through a comparison with “consummation” in Dewey.