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Proceedings of the XXII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 48, 2008

Philosophy of Technology

Nadezhda Prokhorova
Pages 117-128

Synthesis of Multivariate Postnonclassical Knowledge

The program of the evolution of the base of knowledge in machines' mechanisms on the example of technical systems of arbitrary purpose and structure with the aim of formalization and structurization of knowledge for creation of new techniques of automatized projecting in suggested. The program is declared as the process of transference of the base of knowledge from its initial state into final one, at the permissible restrictions in quality and resources in real time. The program's concept is based on the introduction of N-measured structural space. Discrete coordinates of the multi-measured vector of this space are: flat hierarchical sets of languages, objects, problems, estimations, resources, restrictions, types of working areas, etc. The vectors' co-ordinates define the set of the program projects. The possibility of choice of the optimal program strategies' realization is discussed. The concept can be applied to objects of arbitrary purpose.

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