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Proceedings of the XXII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 48, 2008

Philosophy of Technology

Dmitriy Alexeev
Pages 77-86

Услуги С Добавленной Стоимостью Как Новая Техносоциальная Реальность

The information received during work has led to set of the interesting, given reason and coherent remarks which are clearing up how cellular communication, long time existed separately from the Global Network, in a technological reality parallel to it, has turned to " the mobile Internet " on advantage, and became quintessence of human mobility as those in technological aspect. Important point of understanding of an event was the output from concrete market realities on a level of a philosophical problematics, even the instruction of such output. Here again new formats of the communications brightly designate themselves as species of authority. First of all, the added value of services, additional to usual services of communication, proves in the form of special regulation of the social space, gravitating to various forms of the continuous control, over Z. Delez, alternative to disciplinary practice and the forms described by M. Fuko. Are also distinctly enough appreciable «dromocratical» aspects of wireless communications in P. Virilo's sense. All these aspects of management and compulsion are perfectly expressed in the form of extremely concrete technology, which is far not comprehended and not understood in it’s consequences.