Proceedings of the XXII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 46, 2008

Philosophy of Social Sciences

Е.А. Дергачева
Pages 157-165

Техногенное Общество
Новые Грани Исследования

In article the social-philosophical concept of technogenic societies developed by the author is submitted. The essence of the technogenic society consists in the basic change of the public productive forces which have expressed in sharp increase of value of scientific and technical productive forces that is caused by transition to industrial, and to a scientific-technological way of manufacture of a public life and accordingly - to an industrial and postindustrial society. Substantial characteristics of the technogenic society are defined also by influence of scientifictechnological, technical and technosphere factors on all course of a planetary life, on gradual replacement of biospheric forms of a terrestrial life postbiospheric, artificial. Technogenic (economic, scientific, technological) rationality promotes not only to improvement of conditions of ability to live of humanity, but also strengthens the tendency of global degradation of biosphere and the person, to the statement on a planet of an artificial life.