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Proceedings of the XXII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 45, 2008

Philosophy of Religion

E. V. Kryazheva-Kartsieva
Pages 487-500

Overconfessional Syncretic Mystical Currents in Russia and Germany at the Beginning of the ХХ Century
about the Problem of Influence of Religious Purposes on the Spiritual Choice among Intellectuals

Doubtless interest for a modern science represents the answer to a question on the reasons of passion among intellectuals in Russia and Germany for overconfessional currents like theosophy and antroposophy. The author distinguishes the spiritual crisis like the most important prerequisite of passion for works of E. Blavatskaja and R. Shtajner. E. V. Kriageva-Kartseva compares the activity of different theosophical and antroposophical societies in two countries at the beginning of the ХХ century and draws some conclusions. For example, the author regards the orthodoxy as the important factor, which has kept the expansion of syncretic religions to Russia.

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