Proceedings of the XXII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 44, 2008

Philosophy of Nature

В. В. Фармаковский
Pages 119-128

Концептогенез – Новые Основания Натуральной Философии

The problem of construction of the unification theory which would become the universal tool for rethinking not only epistemology, philosophy of science and technology but all kinds of human experience is discussed. As like mathematics, Conceptgenesis or General Unification Theory has the hypertheoretical status for its applications. As the natural science, it investigates the natural events streams with “initial” and “boundary” conditions in the corresponding conjuncture. Law of universal simulation is key principle of the Unification Theory. Accordingly with this Theory, the same structure of updating of object may be observable in various conceptual domains. These inconstancy structures should become the basis for General Identification and Classification of a subject of supervision.