Proceedings of the XXII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 44, 2008

Philosophy of Nature

Sesegma Zhimbeeva
Pages 99-110

Ethic of Surrounding Environment

Explanation of the reason of ecological crisis – a key to development of a valuable paradigm new to the western mentality. The western variant of development has led to accident of self-destruction of the person or its exit on autotrophic stay out of the Earth. The dream cosmists (Tsiolkovsky, Vernadsky, Teilhard de Chardin, etc.) is half carried out, say, in connection with an exit racketeers in space. In traditional culture this exit was always: «Dao», the Buddhism, and shamanism. In traditional culture the relation to an inhabitancy was regulated always by the developed system of a taboo and the restrictions producing internal interfacing space unities. Time puts a problem of judgement of this unity for an exit from environmental problems.