Proceedings of the XXII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 43, 2008

Philosophy of Natural Sciences

Sevalnikov A.
Pages 193-198

Physics and Metaphysics
New Realities

Modern physics asks: how do the objects exist? This kind of question inevitably touches upon philosophy; to be precise, it involves metaphysics that traditionally deals with these problems. There are grounds to assume that a quantum object in a certain sense does not exist until it is registered. Thus, one of the conclusions says, “Photon is a photon if it is a registered photon”. This is a paraphrase of well-known Wheeler’s words about the essence of quantum phenomenon. These effects cannot be understood if we come from the assumption that all existing (‘real’) and quantum objects in particular, is only being of the actual. To explain quantum mechanics phenomena we need to realize that there exists another modus of being. Quantum mechanics refers to some sort of transcendence. Such conclusion is based not only on the analysis of the testing of Aspeckt’s experiments. The whole structure of quantum mechanics confirms it. The revision of the New European paradigm leads to the return of such conception of existence that brings us to the traditional metaphysical understanding of the being and implies its study on several levels of existence. The conclusion of this kind leads to a serious correction of the philosophical model of the world built by modern natural science.