Proceedings of the XXII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 41, 2008

Philosophy of Mathematics

А. Ж. Жафяров
Pages 65-76

Формирование Вариативного И Творческого Мышления Учащихся На Основе Решения Математических Задач С Параметрами

Practically all the countries require the highly skilled staff. It is natural, that it is necessary to prepare them in higher educational institutions. In many high schools students were enlisted and are enlisted on the basis of knowledge and skills. It not an optimum variant because the second integrated parameter of an entrant, his mental potential and fundamentality of knowledge, is not taken into account. The specified very important parameter of an entrant is opened in the best way with sums with parameters, that is sums with parameters serve some kind of a litmus piece of paper in definition of quality of the future student. It is the first reason to increase in number of sums with parameters on entrance examinations. The second, not less important reason, is connected with the following: these sums promote better development of the personality of a pupil, its individual propensities and abilities; they help to learn to work in conditions of small and significant uncertainties which are in abundance in our today's life. They develop variative and creative thinking and by those promote development of intelligence and increase of a level of fundamentality of knowledge. Existing textbooks and educational supplies do not contain adequate volume of a material doing of mathematical sums with parameters: there is no system, there are only separate examples, some of them are rather unsuccessful. The author leads ordering of sums with parameters, the technique of doing such sums is developed and corresponding educational supplies on paper and electronic carriers are published.