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Proceedings of the XXII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 37, 2008

Philosophy of Education

Vlasova Svetlana V
Pages 309-315

Adequate Presentation of Science Values in Educational Process

The different manifestations of negative relations to science exist in modern society that is revealed in broad spreading of antiscientific knowledge, fall the prestige of the fundamental science, reduction the interest youth to naturally-scientific education, reduction naturally-scientific component of school and higher education. The search of the ways, allowing form the adequate attitude pupils to science in process of the education, is actual for getting over these trends. It means that the complex of values, which can be connected with a science, must be revealed, and then these ideas should find the embodiment in educational practice. In paper it is shown that for forming adequate relations pupils to science and scientific picture of the world it is necessary in training to attract attention to value of the science and scientific picture of the world. Analysis of values connecting with science, including scientific picture of the world, is executed in these paper.

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