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Proceedings of the XXII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 36, 2008

Philosophy of Culture

Vardan Torosyan
Pages 263-266

Судьба философии в мире XXI века или мира без философии?

“Philosophy has been criticized during the 25 centuries of its existence, - Yurgen Habermas has noticed, - but the fact that it is still alive means that it is as usual necessary. How long?” In different historical periods claims to philosophy concerned to the fact, that it couldn’t manage to accomplish its task – to help mankind to find the way to the fair society, to the world without wars and (according to Marx) from “mankind prehistory” to its “true history”. During the XIXth century, and especially during the XXth century, it had become obvious impossibility of idea, “been acceptable for everyone”, and the danger of totalitarian indoctrination of any “truth”. However statement of truth pluralism has resulted in post-modernistic disavowal from the notion of truth. In the modern pragmatic world, where “that is true, what is useful”, anxiety and warning of philosophers annoy, rather than make fall to thinking. But the great danger is represented not because of philistine indifference to philosophy, but because of the fact, that philosophers often surrender, speaking about “death of philosophy”. The novaday’s philosopher should be concerned not about the fate of philosophy in the world of the XXIst century, but by the world fate without philosophy.

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