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Proceedings of the XXII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 36, 2008

Philosophy of Culture

Larisa Dmitrieva
Pages 253-261

«Сакральное-профанное» в контексте современной визуальной культуры

1. An abundance of profane images in the modern culture is a result of penetration of some carnival elements in the culture in general. 2. Christian culture is playing a role of mental basis for European civilization that is why we perceive the images of the modern advertisement as antisacral. 3. In fact, the advertising images are not profane only; they are significantly sacralized. 4. The fact that the advertising images can be both sacral and profane is connected with the lack of basic binary oppositions in the modern culture. 5. The lack of basic oppositions engenders a parody as a most relevant creative technique 6. The fact that anti-sacral images are sacralized in the modern advertisement can be regarded both as the real sacralization and as the parody of the similar cultural situation, where the objective reality has the status of product category.

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