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Proceedings of the XXII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 35, 2008

Philosophy of Communication and Information

Yubraj Aryal
Pages 5-11

Interview Project from Nepal for International Exchange of Intercultural Ideas for Global Peace and Mutual Understanding

At The promotion of international exchange of ideas can immensely contribute to the enhancement of global peace and mutual understanding because it provides one community an opportunity to know and thereby respect to the thoughts and ideas, values and belief systems of others, as well pragmatically apply those ideas and values in different social and cultural locations. This is particularly important to the intellectuals of the non-western space because on the one hand, postcolonial theoretical orientation has taught us to resist the strategic mindsets embedded in western systems of thought; on the other hand, we have a need to know and learn them not only to properly resist them but also to pay reverence to the humanistic contents and beauty of western humanities and to absorb them in order to create and enrich our own humanities.

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