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Proceedings of the XXII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 31, 2008

Philosophy in Latin America

Andrea Cortés
Pages 11-17

La “de-colonización” del pensamiento en Latinoamérica

The purpose is to show the phenomenon of the “Decolonization” starting from the Heideggerian concept of “destruction” of the Metaphysical language which would have a similar sense to the notion of “De-construction” that comes up from the same conception of the Heideggerian destruction. The Heideggerian proposal has guidelines to begin to “to destroy”, “ to de-construct” the imperatives of thought imposed during the colonization of Latin America and likewise, opens other ways to think “post”, in this case, “post-colonial” or a “De-colonization” of thought, according to my thesis. Therefore, “estar” (to be) is proposed as a concept to destroy the Metaphysical postulates and imperatives imposed in the colony and also, to show the own language of the Latin American thought. It is necessary to emphasize that the theoretical‐philosophical basis is not evident in the development of the post-modern and post-colonial thesis and debates in Latin America, since these speeches are exclusively pronounced from the literary field. Thus, the philosophical basis is necessary, otherwise, it would not be possible to perceive completely the phenomenon neither the problem.

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