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Proceedings of the XXII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 26, 2008

Philosophy and Literature

Adriana de Teresa
Pages 103-109

Huellas Taoístas en la Poética de Octavio Paz

The discovery of the oriental poetry, specially Japanese and Chinese, had a deep impact in the poetic writing and personal evolution of the mexican poet Octavio Paz. The initial approach to the taoist aesthetic and philosophical universe was made trough the synthetic, sensorial and deeply suggestive strength of oriental poetry, and Paz found immediately an essential resemblance between the universe just discovered and the prehispanic cosmovision. As a result of that experience, in 1955 he published “Piedras sueltas”, a brief poem collection, in which he combines the evocative power of the poetic image typical of the japanese haiku with several indigenous topics. The influence and the attraction to Oriental thought, particularly Taoism, is also present in El arco y la lira (1956), book that represents the pinacle of Octavio Paz’s ultimate poetic thought.

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