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Proceedings of the XXII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 26, 2008

Philosophy and Literature

Alekseeva Olga Pavlovna
Pages 77-79

Virtual Aspects of the Fairy Tale
Philosophical Approach

Virtual elements can be found not only in information and computer technologies but in such cultural phenomenon as fairy tale. "Virtual" as a philosophical concept has no any categorical and generally shared definition nowadays. The main properties of a virtual reality are geniture, actuality, autonomy and interactivity. In the fairy tale context we treat virtual as a transformed form, a feature of being artificial and created with the help of imagination, built-on a day-to-day existence, having self-entirety and determinancy and crossing the reality. As a therapeutic implement the fairy tale allows a person to enter a virtual space and to perform a personal conversion which is transmitted from a fairy tale’s virtual world to a real world of a man consciousness.

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