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Proceedings of the XXII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 25, 2008

Philosophy and Gender

Valeriy P. Tsaplin
Pages 153-162

История половых взаимодействий.

Mythological art of the world population variously demonstrates the appearance and interaction of sexes. But more often it is connected with the beginning of the world from the world egg. Religions views tell about the creation of a first single man by God. The latest biological studies have not yet solved this problem, the idea of dividing vegetable and animal kingdoms being disputable enough. To outline ways of solving this problem was made possible from the dualism point of view. The origins of sexes are found on the base of multicellularity, on the border of vegetable and animal kingdoms, The appearing of sexual reproduction results in a new quality and unity of opposites, preserving its further inner contradiction. The main direction of development – changeability is fixed by the male, while unchangeability is fixed by the female. The understanding both of historical direction in the development of each sexes and its inner contradiction will allow to build proper gender relations in the society. The problem of selecting strategy of gender research still remains disputable.

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