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Proceedings of the XXII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 23, 2008

Philosophy of Environment

Georgeta Marghescu
Pages 85-90

Philosophical Relevance of the Ecological Challenge
To Be or Not to Be Purely And Truly Human

The emerging ecophilosophy is the expression of a philosophical perspective deeply attentive to the threatened complex natural world. It is an answer to global ecological crisis that we currently face, and that is considered by environmentalists as the result of the arrogant cultures built on the dichotomy man-nature. The European modern culture promoted and established an anthropocentric logic of human self-enclosure that is made responsible for our failure to consider ourselves as ecological beings. The issue concerned here is that of an eventually truly and purely human nature. Ecophilosophy proposes a reflection on man’s being-in-the-world ways in order to understand humanity as part of the world, not standing outside, and to evaluate the ontological and the ethical relevance of such understanding.

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