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Proceedings of the XXII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 22, 2008

Philosophy of Economics

Abraham Zhang
Pages 159-178


The peper rethinks the demands in various economic branches: market, macro control, institution, innovation, investment, monetary, anti corruption, demand inward and outward, etc., just for return to the Truetone that meets all the economic demands. What is the Truetone? says: “God is Spirit.” The spirit of Hebraic is ruagh that means the Truetone in Tao, so God is the Truetone in Chinese Taoists. All complex economies can be simplified as the two: one is the sustainable economy in the Truetone, another is the unsustainable bubble in the conceittone. The Truetone, Truespring, and Trueword, is the Triplehelix impossible to be isolated, so the Truetone is the Triplehelix. The belief in the Truetone clears out the conceittone that blocks the free transactions and causes corruption in economy. Any economy has its own advantage with its Truetone. The paper trys to allow all economies to return to their own genuine believes to receive full graces in the Truetone, and also Chinese government to get genuine economic policies to avoid the big crisis with the conceittone ahead.

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