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Proceedings of the XXII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 22, 2008

Philosophy of Economics

ShanKan He
Pages 143-157


Innovation is the nature of culture. There is no culture without innovation. Firstly, culture is the center of society, is the motive, condition and result of social development. Culture plays a leading role in social development. Social innovation should show by culture, therefore, culture innovation is an important part of social innovation. Secondly, Innovation is law of culture development. Thirdly, the foundation of culture innovation is innovation of people’s life model, behavior model and thinking model. Innovation culture which shows the nature of culture is the most active part of culture. Innovation culture is a kind of innovation spirit, a kind of innovation ideology and a kind of humane environment. Innovation culture plays an important role in science & technology innovation on selves. Innovation culture which consist of idea culture and system culture provides inside and outside power for creation activities. In order to promote culture innovation, we must hold the direction of advanced culture, in view of human-oriented and develop innovation education.

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