Proceedings of the XXII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 21, 2008

Philosophical Hermeneutics

Xia Jingqing
Pages 143-150

老子哲学的辩证思想及其现代意义 (献给当代世界的几句老子名言)

1. This article chooses several LAOZI famous sayings, discusses the LAOZI philosophy the dialectical thought and its modern significance. And proposed that the philosophy should make the contribution for the world peace. 2. The atomic bomb and the violence, threaten humanity's life, is this century characteristic. The science is developed, the humanity has not obtained the perfect happiness, on the contrary is actually the threat which the world trend perishes. Take this fact as the example, has proven LAOZI “:为学日益,为道日损” dialectical thought. 3. LAOZI said: “民不畏死,奈何以死惧之”. Its meaning is, regarding the death, feared that with did not fear, is relative, may transform. Resolves the contradiction with the military force, died the threat people, if the people did not fear death, you did not have the means. Explained that person's will, it cannot use the military force to conquer. Relieves various countries' dispute, with the military force is impossible. 4. LAOZI said: Why the world weakest water, can it have the flood tremendous strength? Is because has an invariable will. Always flows unceasingly, achieves the balanced position, or the condition is tranquil, only then stops. But the humanity has one kind of forever invariable will similarly, is requests the equality, request peace. Therefore people's will, is the invincible tremendous strength. This is an eternal truth.