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Proceedings of the XXII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 21, 2008

Philosophical Hermeneutics

Jesus Adrian
Pages 113-120

Heidegger y el Giro Hermenéutico de la Fenomenología

The present paper outlines the main points of Heidegger’s philosophical program starting from his early lectures of Freiburg. This program is founded in two fundamental questions. On the one hand, a thematic question: the phenomenon of life and its different forms of manifestation and apprehension. On the other hand, an eminently methodological question, namely the question of how it is possible to access in a correct manner to the primary sphere of life. This last issue conducts the young Heidegger to a first and deep questioning of Husserl’s reflexive phenomenology that ends up in his hermeneutic turn of phenomenology.