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Proceedings of the XXII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 18, 2008

Persons and Identity

Fidel Gutiérrez Vivanco
Pages 141-147

La Identidad, la Diferencia y la Integración de la Humanidad

The problem of identities and cultural differences constitute one of the global problems of our time. Identity and the differences in human beings are expressed in each individual, in each society and in humanity itself as a species. The differences of individual identities are solved by the integration of the latter inside society. The differences of the social or cultural identities are solved by humanity's integration. Is humanity's integration possible? If it was possible, what are the ontologic foundations for such an integration?, why is humanity integration necessary? To understand the problem of the integration and confront mans imminent self-destruction as species becomes necessary not only to return to the study of nature and the essence human beings but, also of other entities of the universe.

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