Proceedings of the XXII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 16, 2008

Modern Philosophy

С. Н. Некрасов
Pages 329-337

Концептуальное оружие постиндустриального общества
кибернетический проект «Человек – Машина»

The Frankfort school philosophers also denied an industrial society and its labor ethics in their struggle against Americans future so called Fourths Reich. E. Fromms mistake was in his idea that drugs and sex counter-culture is a weapon against technotronic and non-tolerant western society. In reality Frankfort school philosophy organized a cybernetic project «Man - Machine» with an aim to reorganize humanity. It was obvious to authors that computer will soon replace human brain. Firstly, some classified military projects lead to cultural paradigm shift and the emergence of postindustrial society as an epoch of new dark ages. This society suggests global psychoprogrammating and total supervising. People are to live in the new world of electronic devices and a road to this world was opened by a cybernetic project «Man-Machine». The legalization of drugs is the final point of postindustrial society victory.