Proceedings of the XXII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 15, 2008


Vladimir A. Yakovlev
Pages 337-342

Эвристический Потенциал Метафизики

The new world outlook paradigm of creativity correlates with the fundamental principles of metaphysics and modern natural science. The essential programs of development of science have been formed in Antiquity as the metaphysical principles. For example – principle of continuity VS principle of discreteness of matter; movement as God’s first impulse VS movement as natural attribute of matter. In the field of metaphysics were elaborated the very impotent concepts of modern science – matter, movement, force, atom, corpuscle, energy and others (M. Wartofsky, J. Agassi). Nowadays philosophers and scientists discuss such metaphysical principles as so called antropic principle (S. Hawking, B. Carter); the deep expediency and harmony of physical laws (I. Rosental, Y. Linnick); the principle of synergy and self – organization of nature (I. Prigojin, H. Haken). All these principles may be united in the new metaphysical idea of informational matrix of Universe.