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Proceedings of the XXII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 12, 2008

Images and Symbols

Din Aslamazishvili
Pages 3-7

Structure of Symbol within Cultural Transitions

Among such social-philosophic notions as society, culture, civilization, system, human, sense, sign, truth and others, concept “symbol” takes a special place. Most of the researchers meet the view, that symbol possesses an important place in the development of culture as a social phenomenon. The role of symbol in cultures birth and development is characterized by antipathy and polysemy. However revelation of the symbol role in spiritual processes of cultural transitions is beyond question one of the urgent philosophic issues. Symbol is a form of access to over-sensible culture’s substance, it functions as a money-box and hearth of culture senses, which are included by the systems of signs, images, metaphors into the circulation of world and human relations.

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