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Proceedings of the XXII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 11, 2008

Human Rights

DongKai Li
Pages 161-164


In order to meet the demand from ego, “I” move.”I” need the freedom to move, the purpose of my move is for my (ego) demand to support my living. And, only “I” know my this living demand, others, who are not in my body, so they do not know. So, in order to make “I” live, “I” must have the right and freedom to move/act/work. Without that right and freedom, “I” can not move, then, can not meet the demand from my “ego”, namely, can not live. So, after “I” was born, the freedom and right for my living should be there with “me” by way of nature. Human rights just means that basic freedom and right for living gifted by nature when a people was born. Although, of course, very probably somebody seems has no freedom and right for himself, however, he does has his freedom and right which was gifted by the nature, even though his freedom and right was limited by others. If the human right is not gifted by nature, but given by somebody else, then, there will produce two question, one is from where, these “somebody else” who ever “gave” the right and freedom to other people, get their human right? another is , “I” was born by way of nature, if at same time, “I” has not human right, that means I was not able to move to meet my demand from my body , in this way, “I” will die, even though “I” still live, but my demand in my body was sometime or partly satisfied by somebody else, this means, “I” am not independent! But, after born, “I” am independent, an independent being in the world. How to demonstrate that “I” am independent by nature? This is a question. Only this question be resolved, then, human right get root logical basis. The way to confirm if a being independent or not, is to see if this being has a uniform contrast body inside this being. a uniform contrast body could produce power itself, with this power, an independent being could exist by itself. To realize the uniform contrast body inside a being, we must find out the root uniform contrast body in the nature, namely, THE ONTO. After we find out the Onto, then, we know any uniform contrast body inside a being, is only a kind of specific uniform contrast body. For example, people, human being, inside a people, what is the uniform contrast body? Following is the answer: MY New ontology: The Onto is the uniform contradiction being. The essence of people: The uniform contrast body within people’s body, is “ego and nonego. “New Cognition: Cognition course moves by the force from the contrast between the Ego and None go within an exist being live body. Following is the Cognition move course way: “EGO”+“Nonego”→→Force to move(N times)→→Feeling(N times)→→Idea(N numbers) + thinking(N times)→→Knowledge (N numbers) ≈ Object →→ =Object WITH ABOVE DEMONSTRATE WAY, we could be clear a human being, “I” was an independent being in the nature. So, human being must has the freedom and right for to be there as a living being.

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