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Proceedings of the XXII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 9, 2008

Confucian Philosophy

Vladimir Doljenko
Pages 85-92

Dialectics Process - Harmony of Life

- Vibrations of light, a sound, a smell, taste, heat and volume transfer energy information (sense) of physical object to consciousness of the person. - Change of physical parameters of object is perceived by the person in time as event. - Event is the information on current of "invisible" process of transfer of energy between cooperating objects. - Process this ordered movement of energy from one object to other object, changing their physical parameters. - Phases of a condition of processes on the Earth describe laws of dialectics. - The-certain alternation of phases of development of process shows the order of movement of energy in cooperating objects (paper pic. N3) - Laws of dialectics it is laws of harmony of succession of events. - Harmony of development of process (movement of energy) is financially(material) perceived by the person as development of event. - A sign on great limit (taiczi) philosophy Dao are graphic expression of laws of dialectics. - Energy of the Sun gives rise to all processes on the Earth. - The INFORMATION is a part of energy reflected or rediated by object written down in memory of the person, a material, space.

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