Proceedings of the XXII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 4, 2008

Approaches to Philosophy

Руслан Ханаху, Олег Цветков
Pages 117-124

Неомифология Как Предтеча Российского Постмодернизма

The atmosphere of plurality appears gradually and becomes more noticeable. Speaking the language of postmodernism the wellknown “truths” are undergoing the radical reconsideration. The postmodernism “competition of truths” is taking place instead of usual seeking of truth. Aware or no aware radical plurality becomes the starting principle of many philosophical studies. One of the preconditions creating the base for native postmodernism formation and developing are neomythologies which have been spread in Russian regions, have been transformed into self reproducing false ideologies and have got its false language. The relationship between neomythologies and postmodernism is based on the worldview systems of “overcoming of history”, permanent “problems” of present and historical discourses, “radical plurality”, the refusal of classical casualty and logo centrism, “the disappearing of subject” of time and historical and other actions, and also many other signs. Making unsteady the logic of classical and non-classical philosophical studies, neomythology becomes the precursor of Russian postmodernism.