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Proceedings of the XXII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 3, 2008

Applied Ethics

Mansvini M. Yogi
Pages 111-117

Death with Dignity

The advancement in the field of medical science and technology has made the issue of euthanasia more relevant and important for the present day society to discuss. Life saving machines and drugs are helping the patients who become incapable of leading their lives independently and to live artificially with the help of these life prolonging machines and medicines. But today it is possible to prolong their life, which may be full of pain and suffering. This suffering of the 'person' forces us to think as to how far we are morally justified to help such patients to go on living a useless, helpless and painful life. Isn't it obligatory on us to relieve them of their pain? Such issues have made the concept of ‘euthanasia’, which involves 'good death', an important one. One should take a utilitarian point of view in analyzing the concept of euthanasia. One should keep the interests and benefit of people in mind. When one decides that a particular case is a case of euthanasia, then not only the 'net benefit' of the patient should be borne in mind, but also the 'general benefit of the society and individuals looking after the patient should be taken into consideration.

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