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Proceedings of the XXII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 2, 2008

Ancient Philosophy

Shaoyu Zhang
Pages 269-286


What is philosophy ,what is the natrue and the task of philosophy and what is the function of philosophy? These basic knowledge of philosophy is the topic which is always argued and confered by the field of philosophy. After researching Metaphysics, the author think that Aristotle had already answered these questions. Philosophy is a knowledge which regards bing and its interdependence as obiect, regards the reason and nature as its target ,and why practice as its purpose. The nature of philosophy is wisdom. The task of philosophy is that the knowlege which is about four reasons and three primal thing and principle is aquired. Philosophy has three functions: First, philosophy provide basic frame and demonstration method for knowledge and science. Second, philosophy put the common sense thinking into logic thinking. Third, philosophy provide choices for people practice.

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