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Proceedings of the XXII World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 2, 2008

Ancient Philosophy

Li Peihua, Jin Miaozi
Pages 257-261


1, Kong Zi and Laozi believed that a philosophy, the thing transformation, under certain must the condition, can complete. If does not have this kind of condition, you insist to do, is impossible to succeed. They thought that the human society the highest ideal is: Everybody can be the social work selflessly, has the common rich life. But must be, society's productive forces may meet all person's need, moreover also has unnecessary. But, Kong Zi's society, the productive forces is very low, therefore Kong Zi sighs, he has the ideal, but is unable to achieve. laozi believed that broad ideal, if does not meet the time requirement, is unable to achieve. Therefore lives in seclusion. 2, the sakya-muni spirit, is higher than Kong Zi and Laozi. It saw that lives of the people in sea of bitterness. It wants the universal salvation people, is separated from sea of bitterness, arrives at the happy other shore. Therefore, it gives up king's life, enters sea of bitterness, with the misery common people, lives together, struggles together.

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