The Proceedings of the Twenty-First World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 9, 2006

Philosophical Anthropology

Mieczysław P. Migoń
Pages 9-13

The Reality of the "Lower" and the "Higher" Man within the Human Being
Towards the New Type of Philosophical Anthropology of Infrastructures of the Personal Human Being

By analysis of the connection between the "lower" man and the "higher" man within the human person, I have endeavored to show their "coincidence" in the unfolding of the novum or a good conscience. I have also endeavored to show that it can be aroused by the discovery of "homo absconditus" or of "Deus Absconditus." In this way we become able to approach the Divine. Moreover, in each infrastructure there appears the tendency towards "personalization" by "right" of its reality or existence within the personal human being.