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The Paideia Archive: Twentieth World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 43, 1998

Teaching Philosophy

Ernesto Gustavo Edwards, Alicia M. Nica Pintus
Pages 30-35

Filosofía, Educación y Rock

Our proposal suggests an alternative method of teaching philosophy systematically in a scholarly and academic way by drawing a meaningful connection between studies and real life. From a different perspective, our 'texts' will be those with which our students are most acquainted: rock music. We discuss the fundaments of meaningful learning, show how philosophy can be related to rock music, and apply this relation pedagogically. Taking the concept of freedom as an example, we use texts from traditional philosophical thinkers as well as lyrics from Argentinian rock musicians and songwriters in order to focus student reflections on the topic. The student establishes a dialog with rockers that allows them to begin philosophizing by interpreting, dissecting, analyizing, and discerning texts in both traditions. This project has emerged slowly from a prolonged educational experience and in-depth research and reflection. Our focus is on planning, developing, and evaluating an original educational program.

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