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The Paideia Archive: Twentieth World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 16, 1998

Philosophical Anthropology

Jean-Marie C. Apovo
Pages 19-26

Anthropologie du Bo (Théorie et Pratique du gris-gris)

Subjective knowledge should not be separated from anthropology. But, unfortunately, this is the prevailing practice. The anthropology of Bo expresses the presence of Africa in anthropology. The authenticity of the African is found in his fervent practice of Bo. His thought, action, relations with others-his entire way of life-is based on the practice of Bo insofar as he wears Bo names. Bo is deeply rooted in his cultural values and comprises the background for all social organizations and thus acts as a social regulator. In Western anthropology there is a scientific mind; in African anthropology there is a Bo mentality that attempts to understand the world and then conquer it.

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