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The Paideia Archive: Twentieth World Congress of Philosophy

Volume 8, 1998

Logic and the Philosophy of Logic

Patricia Morey, Sandra Vi Sokolskis
Pages 98-105

Una Aparente Violacion del Principio de No Contradiccion
El Caso de Los Azande Nuevas Perspectivas

The Principle of Non-Contradiction is one of the fundamental rules in the framework of rationality. As rational agents who avoid contradictions and logic, human beings follow this rule as a basic principle. The study of inconsistencies in natural, scientific and formal reasoning have threatened this view in the recent past, with the danger that relativism will lead to incommensurable, parochial and local knowledge. Evans-Pritchard's studies on magic, oracle and witchcraft among the Azande has prompted perennial discussion on the limits of the universality of classical logic. In this paper, we propose that with the aid of non-deductive logics — non-monotonic and logic of partial structures — it is possible to reformulate a rationality that more precisely describes natural reasoning.

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