Documents from the XIX World Congress of Philosophy


International Program Committee

  • F. Mirò Quesada, President (Peru)
  • F. Jacques (France)
  • W. Kluxen (Deutchland)
  • S. Murty (India)
  • T. Ntumba (Zaire)
  • E. Sosa (USA)
  • I. Frolov (Russia)
  • V. Lektorsky (Russia)
  • M. Mamardashvili (Russia) +
  • N. Motroshilova (Russia)
  • V. Styopin (Russia)

Executive Committee

    I. Frolov (Russia)
    F. Mirò Quesada (Peru)
    I. Kuçuradi (Turkey)
    V. Ignatyev (Russia)

Organizing Committee

    Ivan T. Frolov, Chairman
    Rostilav E. Tikhonov, Vice-Chairman
    Vyacheslav S. Styopin, Vice-Chairman
    Victor N. Ignatyev, Executive Secretary

Editorial Team
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