Documents from the XVIII World Congress of Philosophy


Executive Committee

    The Earl of Shaftsbury (President)
    A. Agazzi
    A. Kosing
    V. Mshvenieradze
    A. Phillips Griffiths
    Mary Tiles

National Policy Committee

    The Earl of Shaftsbury (President and Chairman)
    A. Phillips Griffiths (Deputy Chairman
    R. Newton (Treasurer)
    R. Bambrough
    S. Guttenplan
    D. Holdcroft
    H. Lewis
    A. Manser
    T. O'Keefe
    The Lord Quinton
    T. Roberts
    Mary Tiles
    M. Warner
    J. Worrall

Programme Committee

    A. Kosing (Chairman)
    E. Agazzi
    R. Bambrough
    V. Cauchy
    P. Caws
    L. J. Cohen
    A. Phillips Griffiths
    H. Lewis
    V. Mshvenieradze
    S. Nasr
    T. Ntumba
    J. Scannone
    Sir Peter Strawson

Editorial Team
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